Customized, affordable bookkeeping solutions for nonprofits and small businesses.

Good Karma Bookkeeping offers

customizable services

Choose from a range of services to support your business needs: New business set up, invoicing, payment processing, inventory tracking, bill payments, account reconciliation, payroll processing, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting.

Secure Technology

Good Karma Bookkeeping uses the leading cloud-based accounting software to make sure your financial data is protected. Credit cards, Paypal, bank feeds, payroll services, and time sheet apps are securely connected so all financial services can be integrated.

Timely financial statements

All information you need to understand how your business is performing delivered when you need them. Log on anytime to see up-to-date transactions.

A personal touch

Each account is handled by the same person, an experienced bookkeeper who knows your company well and can provide informed, timely answers to your questions. Services can be provided remotely or at your location.