Good Karma Bookkeeping will handle your bookkeeping needs so you can focus on what you do best: inventing products, create new programs, delivering award-winning services, and reaching more customers.

New business set up. Good Karma Bookkeeping will set up your chart of accounts and integrate other services that your business uses, such as time sheets for employees and a credit card processing system. We can advise you about which apps can help you run your business, help you select the most cost effective options, set them up for you, and walk you through their use.

Invoicing and accounts receivable. Receive payments on time with an invoicing system that allows for easy customer access and payment, and also makes it easy to see and follow up on unpaid invoices.

Bill paying and accounts payable.

Financial reporting. Good Karma Bookkeeping will provide regular, timely reports that tell you exactly how profitable your business is, indicate how the business is performing relative to the budget, and make cash flow projections. We can also discuss these with you each reporting period to help you use the information they provide to grow your organization.

Budgeting and forecasting. A budget can help you set goals and measure performance against those goals. Budgets are also required for most funders and grant providers. We can help you create your annual budget so you can estimate profits, anticipate expenses, and plan special projects.

Tracking inventory so you don’t run out of needed stock.

Paying employees and contractors. Whether it is more advantageous to run payroll in house or use a payroll service depends on many factors, such as the number and type of employees you have, and the benefits you provide. Good Karma Bookkeeping can help you decide the most reliable, cost effective payroll system for your business, set it up for you, and make sure your employees and the IRS are paid on time.

Preparation for end-of-year reporting. At the end of the fiscal year, Good Karma Bookkeeping will work with your accountant to get them the information they need for state and federal filings.

Transparent, reliable, flexible and timely services. All services are customized to meet the needs of your business. As the business owner, you will have access to up-to-date accounts at all times.

Quickbooks and integrated applications. As a Certified Quickbooks Proadvisor, Good Karma Bookkeeping can provide clients with discounted accounting software and integrated applications, such as payroll processing, time sheet tracking, credit card payments, and receipt management.